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Canadians Plead Guilty to Being Attached to Their Cell Phones

Feb 17, 2012

A new study reveals 74 per cent of Canadian cell phone users admit that they are unable to part with their smartphones.

Canada, our home and native land, and increasingly, the never-off society. Whether it is at a wedding, funeral, or even in a courtroom, Canadians tote their smartphones along so they can contact anyone, anywhere, anytime. As part of a commitment to provide customers with mobile solutions to fit every lifestyle, Future Shop partnered with Leger Marketing to determine if Canadians really are addicted to their phones. The results are loud and clear: 74 per cent of all cell phone users admit that not only are they unable to part with their smartphones, they are using the devices in the most bizarre places, including the bathroom (17 per cent), a place of worship (11 per cent) and even a job interview (nine per cent). In fact, texting has replaced communication with siblings (55 per cent), best friends (61 per cent), spouses (51 per cent) and kids (51 per cent).

The survey also found that half of Canadians (exactly 50 per cent) pled guilty to breaking cell etiquette when it comes to habits like texting someone in the same room or while in the middle of another conversation. According to the breakdown below, Maritimers were the guiltiest, while Albertans are sticking to the rules. Interestingly, all provinces hovered very close to the National 50 per cent score.

Additional Survey Highlights